Preparing your business activity statements (BAS) is now easier with ACSPERT software

Save Time and Money

ACSPERT is the fastest way to process your business transactions and prepare your BAS. The Acspert system eliminates thousands of keystrokes and many hours of manual account allocation time. The quarterly BAS preparation time is reduced to minutes. This time saving translates to $$$’s for your business. The data is freely available from your internet banking.

Right for you

The ACSPERT system is suited to any business person seeking to reduce the time and cost associated with menial recording and transaction input. Your data is resident only on your computer. It is not placed at risk on data banks outside your control, “the cloud”. Acspert produces a meaningful Profit and Loss Statement which is updated with each transaction entered. The ACSPERT system has been designed for seamless integration to your tax accountant’s required input.

Easy to Learn

ACSPERT uses the Excel interface familiar to over 90% of business computer users. It uses a multi-column cashbook architecture which is easy for users to understand.

ACSPERT produces tax compliant Livestock Trading Accounts and a meaningful Profit and Loss Statement


  • Access Bank Transactions

    5 minutes

  • Copy, Sort and Paste Data

    2 minutes

  • Correct Errors

    0-15 minutes

  • Prepare and Lodge BAS

    5 minutes



Simple to use

Easy to understand


Cost effective




Time saving


Premium features


Brilliant! Thank yo so much! You’ve been most helpful, and I am very happy with the theme and your service! Thank you again! (for sure, I’ll recommend you further).

Alexander the Great
Buyer of our products

My BAS took eighteen minutes instead of days. I love Acspert!

Jill, Tamworth, NSW

In a word, ‘unbelievable’, easy to use and save me a lot of time. Highly recommended!

Owen, Killara, NSW
BAS Agent

I am really satisfied with this software. Acspert saves me many, many hours of data input.

Charlie, Armidale, NSW

I can now prepare and lodge my BAS on my own using Acspert.

Alec, Armidale, NSW.

My accounting and BAS is no longer a frustrating chore thanks to Acspert!

Richard, Inverell, NSW.
Primary Producer

Acspert is so, so fast, easy and accurate, thank you!

Jack, Bilgola, NSW.