ACSPERT is a registered business wholly owned by SouthPac Financial Services Pty Limited. The company has been trading for seventeen years since its incorporation on 7 April 2007.

Guy Hammond – Director

Guy Hammond is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and Bachelor of Economics at UNE. He is the author of the ACSPERT system. Guy has over forty years of experience in public accounting and taxation consulting. He is also experienced in software architecture and computer programming having designed and written numerous automated quantitative trading systems. Committed to reducing the compliance costs for small business Guy developed the ACSPERT system to speed up the processing in his own accounting practice. Guy has been a director for seventeen years, since the company’s incorporation.

Kathie Hammond – Director

Kathie has a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma of Education. She is experienced in all aspects of software business administration, marketing and customer support. The system is now made available to customers due to Kathie’s persistence to provide it as a product to SME’s, so that they may also benefit from ACSPERT’s superior processing speed and associated cost savings. Apart from her commitment to ACSPERT, Kathie is committed philanthropist assisting various charities. Kathie has been a director since May 2009.

Jack Hodges

Jack is a consultant to the company and advises in all areas of product development when not attending to his full time job as a Doctor. Jack previously worked as development manager at Carpet Right in Sydney and brings extensive knowledge and experience to the company.